Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year from the Guilford Historical Society

This is an actual Christmas Card received from Marlene O'Connell and her sister and mother. I think it is very reflective of our society and our area. What do you think? Also, we wish to express a hearty welcome to Marlene and her family as lifetime members! We also welcome Diana Heeman as a new member. Our membership is growing and local members are doing wonderful things to record the history of Guilford. Even those members that are a distance away (Many thanks Bruce) from Guilford participate when they can not attend meetings as they live too far away. We have collected many genealogies of which the last was the Sherwood ancestry. Many thanks to Lynn for the research and providing it. This was a great find as a few years ago we had another from the same family that provided photos so connecting the dots was exciting to put the two families together.
Another newly joined member had her ancestry on the Internet. As a result of a contact with her, a relative they joined also. Thanks Louise for sharing and adding Mr. & Mrs. Pearsall to our membership list.
Speaking of our membership list. Many of you do not realize how many are from other states. We have members from Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Washington, Delaware, Arkansas, Tennessee, Illinois, Arizona, Virginia, California, Florida, D.C., Utah, Michigan, and South Carolina. Many of you have contributed your genealogy to our files and also contributed photos of ancestors. I truly love the photos of the past residents of Guilford and they are really beneficial to our cemetery research.
Cemetery research and the committee headed up by Tina have done a great job. You saw the last piece on collecting cemetery wreaths to remember our veterans. Well, Betsy collected 17 wreaths, wow! That was terrific and thanks to all who contributed. At our January meeting we will find out how the placement of the wreaths went. Without all these volunteers on the special project committees we would never be able to produce such great results for our community.
So everyone contributes in some manner one way or another. Many thanks to all. We wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Guilford Historical Society Honors Veterans on December 13th

With praise for a successful Memorial Day this year, the Guilford Historical Society is still in "the mood". Therefore, this small non-profit organization has under taken the project Operation Christmas Wreaths. It was decided to memorialize our Guilford deceased veterans by placing Christmas wreaths on the Town of Guilford major cemeteries, one per each this year. At least eleven are needed to place on the gates or fences of these cemeteries with two at each of the Memorials in Mt. Upton and Guilford.
GHS realizes the sacrifices of our veterans and their families and this is a small way to express our appreciation. However, we need help from our community and area communities and individuals with donations of wreaths or a donation to purchase a wreath. The wreaths or money may be donated in the name of an individual family member you may wish to remember.
The cemeteries scheduled at this time are Maplewood in Mt. Upton, Sunset Hill in Guilford, Godfrey Cemetery, North Guilford Pioneer Cemetery, Cooper Cemetery, Yaleville Cemetery, Ives Settlement Cemetery, East Guilford Cemetery, and Guilford Center Cemetery. There are 22 cemeteries in Guilford and with more wreath donations we can include some of the smaller family cemeteries.
GHS would also like to invite you to attend the wreath laying on December 13th at each or one of the locations. We welcome all veterans and veteran organizations and families to attend. Anyone wishing to place their own personal wreath on a loved ones grave is also invited to do so at this time. For more information and to donate please call (607) 895-6131 or (607) 895-895-6660 by December 10th. All are welcome who wish to participate in the day’s event.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

GHS Oldest Member Celebrates 101 years

Can you imagine the changes in history that Wilhelmina Greene Henley has seen. Born on November 10th, 1907, she has lived through World War I through the present day war and just imagine the changes in innovation and inventions not to mention changes in society. Fondly known as "Willie" by many Guilford residents, she was a teacher in Guilford Central School and later in the Bainbridge -Guilford elementary school in Guilford. She retired in 1972.

Willie graduated from Oneonta Normal School and obtained her teaching degree from Albany while teaching in Troy, NY. On July 31, 1933, in a small chapel in Los Angeles, California, Miss Greene married Raymond H. Henley. They came back to reside on Main Street in Guilford where Willie had moved with her parents when she was 9 years old.

In 2003 Wilhelmina and Raymond Henley celebrated their 70th anniversary of marriage. As a special request, the Guilford town board made a special proclamation to honor Ray and Wilhelmina's 70th wedding anniversary. Ray had been employed in the engineering field with several local businesses, retiring from what was General Laboratory Associates (GLA), now Unison. The G.L.A. company began in Guilford and Ray was one of the early engineers of that company. He retired in 1968. Ray sadly passed away a little over a year after their anniversary in November of 2004.

Thanks to Willie’s caretakers and friends a 101st birthday celebration took place at her home on Monday night, November 10th. It was a wonderful evening and Wilhelmina Henley was amazed at the number of people who came to help her celebrate her 101st birthday.

Willie has been a great source of information on the early 1900's history of Guilford. She has told us of some of the memories she has of some of the people, including her parents that lived here in the 1890's through the 1900's and shared photos and scrapbooks. She let us record her on a cassette recorder going up and down all the streets and told us who she could remember living in each house. She has been a great asset to the historical society and we wish her 100 more years!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Thanksgiving Blessings of the Guilford Historical Society

Thanksgiving gives us a time to reflect on all the things we are thankful for. Sometimes, for a few of us we tend to just use this time only to reflect. Everyday we should be thankful and count our blessings and not just the one day. Perhaps this sounds like a sermon. It is, however, a lead in to a GHS thankful reflection.

We are thankful to all our members for supporting the GHS through their membership and donations of money, time and talents. Many in the area are faithful to the cause, whatever project of their interest. Many local members are trustees and chair persons of projects that just wouldn't get done without them. Others contribute by donating their time to our events and help with the projects. Some love to do research and presentations of their findings at society meetings. We have a treasure in our dedicated officers,past and present, that keep the everyday organization tasks in order. We have a wonderful organization that encourages us to protect the past and preserve it for future generations.

We also have members that live farther away and their support through membership and praise for what is being done, gives us the boost to know we are on the right track. Their contributions come in family history and photographs that help us search the past and put the pieces together of the past. As an organization, how can you beat this?

I am including a Thanksgiving vintage postcard on this post. It is a Currier and Ives Thanksgiving. We have done genealogy on the Ives family and there is a relationship to James Merritt Ives of the Currier and Ives fame to our Ives of Guilford. The Guilford Ives have put their talents to fame too and here is a short piece on Ives' Cream and the famous Ives of our time.

"Farming has been an Ives family tradition in our area for almost 200 years, beginning with Abraham and his sons Samuel and Lyman. Samuel and Lyman came from Cheshire, Connecticut and settled in Guilford in 1796. In 1800 their father, Abraham and his wife Eunice followed, after Abraham’s ailing father Nathaniel passed away. All three combined owned many acres of land and endeavored in subsistence farming in the area, which became the hamlet of Guilford known as Ives Settlement.

Albert and Judy Ives in partnership with Terry and younger son Alex, still own and operate one of the original family farms now called Greenview Farms. Alex and his wife Katie have taken the family farm tradition to a new level. Milking 100 cows, they began to think outside the box for an alternative way to market their milk. Low milk prices and high production costs produced a concern of keeping the family farm operating and preserving it for future generations. Therefore, they saw the need to diversify as a way of maintaining the business. Starting in 2004 they began production of Ive’s Cream at the Morrisville Dairy Incubation Lab. The wonderful creamy ice cream product was marketed throughout the area in over 30 stores. In addition, the couple, attended many area events such as the State Fair, County Fairs, Colorscape, Oneonta Farmers Market, to name just a few. At the events they gave out free samples and sold Ives Cream to many attendees. Now, they have expanded on their marketing techniques with the newly developed Ives Cream Parlor and Gourmet Coffee Shop in Norwich. What is really unique is the many different flavors of ice cream that are made in the downstairs area of the 10 South Broad Street store."

So without the help of others we would not have discovered the great history of this family and many others of Guilford. Members and non-members alike have shared so many stories, photos and genealogy that brings all of our history to life. "Fleshing out the Bones" is an expression that says it all. Thanks to all the members for their contributions for without you there would not be a Guilford Historical Society that has grown like it has.

We wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving and many blessings today and always.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Solving Histories Mysteries of the Town of Guilford

Can you identify any of these students?
Above and below... Contact us at tgray002@stny.rr.com

With Halloween over, I now have sometime to get back to history. If you want to see what we did go to http://memasmoments.blogspot.com. So now back to history.
It is truly amazing how the GHS is growing. We have over 150 members and they stretch, maybe soon, all the way to the UK! As folks contact the historian for information we also email the membership form and most are glad to apply. I'll attach it here and with a double click to enlarge and a right click you can copy and print it out and send it with payment to GHS, Box 201, Guilford, NY 13780.
Other members and some guests are providing us with great photos of everything to hamlets, people pictures and Guilford schoolhouse photos. We were lucky to get 4 negatives scanned with the help of the Chenango County Education director. Were we surprised at the results. I believe we have district #10 Guilford Center.
Other than that take a look at Lathams Corners and the O&W Whistle stop station. It was dated about 1930 from the owner of the photo and it looks like it was abandoned a few years earlier. We have about three photos of this hamlet now. I would like to thank the contributors of which two are new members. It was amazing that we never knew there was a whistle stop in Lathams Corners and in the photo of the sleigh you see Helen Pearsall on the way to Mt. Upton School and in the background is the church. These are just a few of the finds that give us a great view of the past and the folks who lived then. We are so fortunate to have so many folks willing to share photos and family histories that help us solve some of "histories mysteries". Thanks to all.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Guilford, NY History is Everywhere

Bumps Corners and Garage at the lake
These look like Halloween Photos (postcards)
BA Fleming with mask...joke
For Val!!

Pretty Suggestive Postcards?

Today we had visitors from Sidney, NY. They had a wonderful photo album just filled with photos and postcards of Guilford, NY. He allowed us to scan so many wonderful photos from that book and brought some other artifacts relating to schools. I think I mention Tom and I are working on a new book "The Schools of Guilford" which will highlight the one room school houses and then follow into the Central Schools of Guilford and Mt. Upton. We are still seeking information on Ives Settlement, Roots Corners, Trestle and New Virginia Schools. If any one has any information please contact us in the comment section of this blog. So, today I want to share some of the silly postcards and I'll add a few of the reality ones for those blog followers who prefer them. A very Happy Halloween to All. ...If you double click on the photos you can enlarge them.

Trick O’Treater

Thursday, October 9, 2008

2006 Flood Photos of the Guilford Hamlets

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Many members contributed other photos of the areas in the hamlets of Guilford where they live. Most of the hamlet residents were not able to travel far from their home as many roads were closed. The Old Mill Restaurant shown first suffered a lot of damage. The remaining photos are along Rt. 8 river hamlets. The East Guilford waterfalls and the Rt. 8 bridge washout and the Guilford Town Hall in Guilford Center are also featured. Thanks to all who contibuted.

Guilford Flood of 2006-photo's by Dave Hubbard

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Many of you wondered about the October 6th meeting presentation. Here is most of it in a slide show. It took me all day to figure out how to do it. Thanks to a phone call to San Diego and talking with my professional blogging daughter, Stefany, we got it for all of you to view!! So, take a trip into the past..short past and see how it was in 2006. If you see an open door, that is the Methodist Church and the water is flowing out the door!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Guilford, NY Web Page


Many are not aware that the Township of Guilford has a web page. If you go to http://www.guilfordny.org/ , you can research the history of the towns hamlets. There may be some changes coming up with town elections and Tom hopes to add a little more history at the same time. I hope he includes our blog address. That would certainly increase our reach and perhaps increase our membership. Hope you enjoy the postcards from Guilford. This is just a small sample of the cards that are out there on the market. Many are like the photo of Mt. Upton showing scenes but, I thought you would enjoy the unusual ones that were scanned.

By the way, we love comments on this page. It's this easy. After each posting there is a small written "comments" Double click here and a page will open up. You can leave your comments in the box provided and read others comments too! If you want, sign your name at the end of your comment. Then click anonymous and click publish. No need to sign up to the google, blogger etc. I'd like to hear what you think of our new way to communicate which is more than our twice a year newsletter..you get it as it happens and photos are in color.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

It Only Takes an Article

Heartwarming to know we can make a difference. Sometimes the smallest things can make a total difference in the lives of our residents and past residents. Such is true for a sister of a deceased military man killed when his plane crashed in Korea. Floyd Gunner Nelson was honored as the military person of the day on Memorial Day 2008. His children, spouses and sister were also honored at a reception for all veterans, in wartime and peace time. Floyd was a graduate of Guilford School and is still remembered by many. Here is an excerpt of the speech I made to honor him on Memorial Day.

In 1941, Gunnar Nelson bought a home on Mechanic Street. It was here where Floyd lived when he graduated in 1947 from Guilford High School. Shortly after graduating he became an apprentice draftsman at General Electric in Schenectady, NY. Then in 1948 he enlisted in the United States Navy. In 1950 Floyd received a congressional appointment to the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis. He graduated in 1954 as Ensign Floyd Gunnard Nelson. This same year he married Patricia Porter from Altoona, Pennsylvania in a full military wedding. After their honeymoon he reported for duty in Pensacola, Florida. Here he began flight training school. Later he was stationed in Texas and then on to San Diego, California. While stationed in Seattle, Washington, August 15, 1955 Floyd became the proud father of a bouncing baby boy, James Gunnard Nelson and on November 25, 1956 Floyd’s precious daughter Susan Patricia was born.

During his service, Floyd experienced deployments to Europe, South America and even had a trip across the United States. There were two deployments to Iwa Kuni Naval Base in Japan. On this final deployment he was due to come home in a few months, but had to complete a final endurance training flight of 14 hours. On April 9th, 1959, the Navy Patrol Squadron 50 with a crew of ten, 3 officers and 7 enlisted men, in a US Naval seaplane piloted by Floyd crashed into the side of Mount Seju on Chejudi Island. The island lay midway between Japan and the Korean Peninsula. Many newspapers reported on the Navy’s seemingly unending search for the crash site.
Finally on April 11th, the site was discovered and arrangements were made for Floyd’s body to return home. It was an agonizing month for his wife, father and sister Millie until Floyd’s body arrived at the Erie Railroad Station in Binghamton from San Francisco on Mother’s Day May 8th. The funeral was held in Guilford with burial in Sunset Hill Cemetery.

Those who remember are still saddened and have not forgotten the farm boy from Guilford, the son of a carpenter, who started out as an enlisted Naval man, and proudly became a Lieutenant. Floyd accomplished all these things by the age of 29. Herein today, lies a village, the village, that was saddened and numbed by the death of this great young man.

I wrote articles for the local newspapers and also placed a piece on "You News" a section of WBNG. Com. As a result, a man contacted the television station to find out a phone number of who posted the article. He was in Nelson's squadron and was going to Korea and planned on placing a memorial on the mountain where Nelson's plane crashed. He wanted to contact the sister of Floyd. You can read Arturo's comments on the comments section of the following page. Just double click on this. http://www.wbng.com/younews/19073029.html. So you never know what can come of an article that produces the best Memorial Day that Guilford has seen in a few years.

Friday, September 26, 2008

GHS Celebrates 10th year Anniversary

Wow, what a great night!! The dinner was great, which always is, at the Old Mill Restaurant. The new/old, I mean returning officers were sworn in by president of the Bainbridge Historical Society (also GHS member) Mary Drachler. They are Scott Parsons president, Wilma Felton-Gray VP, Sharon Donahe secretary and Karen Todd treasurer. Awards were given out to the Grays, and Todds, Carneys, and Alton Doyle for outstanding performance, and a life time membership was presented to out going president Gertie Pierce-Boyd. 67 people attended which includes members and guests.

The evening also consisted of a power point presentation by Tom Gray on the 10 years of the Guilford Historical Society and the accomplishments of the society. It was also announced that we now have a new book published by author/member Helen Donahe. The book "One Room School" was donated to the GHS with the proceeds to go to the school house restoration project. The book is available to members at $8.00 and non-members at $10.00. It's a wonderful little book for a great cause.

Each guest received day books and the officers received yearly planners which were donated by the Mead Corporation of Sidney.

Thanks to everyone that attended and to the committee that planned the evening. A special thank you to Donna Ford, owner and chef of the Old Mill (also a GHS member) and all the staff of the restaurant for making our dinner celebration the best.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

GHS Goes Back to School..for a picnic

The Guilford Historical Society members got together for a picnic at the Roots Corners Schoolhouse on the 21st of September. It was a beautiful day for a picnic and the food was fantastic. Ken and Kathy did a great job of arranging the event and I am sure there were some others that helped. Many had not seen the improvements made and were delighted at the progress. We even had fellow members Jim and Linda visiting us all the way from Michigan! They were in the area researching ancestors of the Hutchinson family just in time for meeting with local members. We have a school house fund that if anyone wishes to contribute to can mail to the GHS address of Box 201, Guilford, NY 13785. Of course any hands available in the area are also appreciated. We still would love to hear from those that may have attended the school or have family that attended. The school operated until 1929. Any photos would also be appreciated of the children and teachers which we can scan and return to you. We know there were some Oxford children that went there as well as Guilford children as the school district was on the border of both townships.

It was a great day and many thanks to all for coming and celebrating the return of Root's Corners School.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Histories Mysteries

1863 1875
Shelton Farm

Thomas McLagan Home-Look on map to the very top. One map lists McLane, not McLagan.

Any one who has done ancestry research has at least one mystery. Try doing a whole township with 8 hamlets. One of the GHS projects is called the "Housing Project, Then and Now". It is an ongoing project and may never be completed but we do have a great start. Genealogy is a help in some cases. Deeds definitely add the the pool. Wills sometimes contribute and maps help the most. Word of mouth and written documents including those small items in the newspaper can also help.

However, even with these resources it is easy to get stuck. Do we really have proof that a house was built when the land was purchased and/or was there an existing house on the property at the time the deed was signed? Also, if there was a structure, is it the same one. Fires destroyed many homes and then they were rebuilt. Another resource, as part of the project helps greatly, and that is an early photograph. At least this gives us an idea especially if we know what year the photo was taken and/or who is in it. We also know that many homes were not rebuilt after a disastrous fire and now the land lies vacant. Putting in a new road, like Rt. 35, also took homes and structures which one house was moved up to Gospel Hill Road. Anyway we need those photos to help in our research. Please let us know if you have any we can scan.

Now back to the maps. 1855, 1863, and 1875 maps show names of people who owned the land. There are also schools, cemeteries, churches and some businesses on these maps. We have found that not all the names of folks appear at that particular time the map was finally published, but it still is a great resource.

Monday, September 1, 2008

A Day at the Chenango County Historical Society Antique Show

On the 31st the GHS had a display at the CHS annual antique show. Many referred to some of us as the antiques!! Thanks to all the volunteers and a beautiful day we had a good time and earned a little money, to boot. This was the first time historical societies were invited to attend and Guilford and Sherburne were the only two to take them up on it.
Don't forget the GHS annual dinner on Wednesday night the 24th of September at the Old Mill Restaurant.
The cost per dinner is $16 and includes salad, eight- selection salad and relish tray, home made bread and rolls, potato and two vegetables, dessert, and beverage, as well as tax and gratuity. We will have 4 dinner choices including Chicken Old Mill, broiled ham steak, shrimp in beer batter, and beef burgundy. Reservations are needed by September 20th. Call Tina Pabst at 895-6131 or email at stonecroft@citlink.net or call Gertie Pierce Boyd at 895-6475. Please pay at the door with cash or check made out to the Guilford Historical Society. At the same time, it is a good opportunity to renew your membership or join GHS. Dues are $10 single, $15 family.

This is a special occasion as it marks our 10 years as a society. Please try and attend. Our presentation will reflect highlights of the past decade with a Power Point slide show.