Thursday, October 9, 2008

Guilford Flood of 2006-photo's by Dave Hubbard

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Many of you wondered about the October 6th meeting presentation. Here is most of it in a slide show. It took me all day to figure out how to do it. Thanks to a phone call to San Diego and talking with my professional blogging daughter, Stefany, we got it for all of you to view!! So, take a trip into the past..short past and see how it was in 2006. If you see an open door, that is the Methodist Church and the water is flowing out the door!!


Pikes Pickles said...

Yeah - Great job. I am proud of you - YOU DID IT!

Mema said...

Thanks. You helped get me on track. Wish we had more comments from GHS members.

Bruce said...

Fortunately I was in Albany at the time and missed the rain. I did attend my 40 high school reunion in Guilford a week later and had to take a circuitous route to get there and was amazed at all the mud still on the grass. I think the rowboat sitting on the road says it all.