Monday, February 14, 2011

Sibley Family Mysteries

David Ebenezer Sibley
Possibly Reverend Charles Sibley

Sometimes there are mysteries that one is doing everything, including a blog, to solve. I could also do Facebook but, this is better and we're linked anyway. The Sibley family in Guilford begins with David Ebenezer Sibley who lived in Rockdale, Town of Guilford. He was born in Jamaica, W.I. His father was Charles Sibley born in England. He went to Jamaica and became a preacher. Reverend Charles Sibley was married three times and had 2 children by the first wife and had 9 by the second and 7 by the third. He outlived the first two wives. The older children were David E., Robert and Agnes. Charles also had a son William Peto Sibley. Also his children were Mrs.Barron (Emma Isabel), and Mrs Hannah Elizabeth Turner. He had a sister that was the first wife of Rev. George Richard Henderson (Emma Elizabeth Sibley). Charles went with them to Jamaica. His son William Peto was also a minister and died in Jamaica. Is there anyone out there that may have more information on the Sibley families? We now have some of the answers to some questions written above. Who were the parents of Charles has been answered (Robert and Elizabeth Sibley)but what was Elizabeth's maiden name?. They were still in England. Maybe this blog will reach Jamaica and England and someone there has the answers. By the way, they were Baptists and I know from "The Annual Report of the Jamaican Baptist Union for 1901" that the Reverend Charles Sibley died in Jamaica April 11th, 1901 leaving a wife and 6 little children.

The Civil War

For 2011 GHS would like to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War. One of our members, Bruce (last name with held) has spent hours researching the Albany Library for men who were born in Guilford, NY, or lived here, or enlisted her, or died here or buried here. These men with those connections will be honored in some way within the four years commemoration. It does not matter what regiment they served in. In fact we had one man who went to Georgia on business and was conscripted by the Confederates. he bought his way out and the Confederates conscripted him again. With no money left, he served. In fact a piece in the local paper years later talked about a clothes line where two uniforms were airing out hanging side by side, one blue and one gray. His Uncle wore the Blue. If anyone has information of the families of these men or pictures we would love to scan the pictures and include some family information on the sheets we are making for each one. I should say our member Bruce is doing. 


Barbara Sibley Loeper said...

I enjoyed and appreciated all the articles on your blog today and shall return to read future items. Re: the first article: I am a greatgranddaughter of Charles Sibley (g'dau of David Ebenezer) and have researched the family back to London, where Charles was born on 7 Feb 1829. There are a number of misconceptions in your article. I have sent Wilma Felton-Gray family data and photos that will clarify many of these. My dad (Stanley David Sibley) was born in Town of Butternuts in 1889 to David & his first wife, Gertrude E. Beale. He worked on the Guilford farm with his dad for a few years, and my oldest sister Evelyn was born there in 1920.

Susan Johanson said...

Charles SIBLEY's wife was Elizabeth DAY, born 11 March 1831 in Buckingham, England. She died 14 August 1876 in Balaclava, Jamaica in the BWI. Elizabeth's parents were David DAY, born 1 October 1809 in High Wycombe, Buckingham, England and Elizabeth (don't know her surname). David and Elizabeth DAY also went to Jamaica - both died there. David DAY died 28 January 1867 in Bariffe Hall, Jamaica, and his wife Elizabeth died 31 August 1838 in Port Maria, Jamaica as a complication of the birth of their fourth child (a daughter who died with her mother). I've got more info - including several generations back on David DAY and a couple of generations back on Charles Sibley. Email me: Susan at

Unknown said...

Hello. I, too, have a Sibley relative (2nd great grandfather) who was born in Jamaica, W.I. I'm wondering if he is a son of Charles Sibley? His name was Robert Blackwood Sibley and he was born c. 1863 in Jamaica. He died in Aspen, CO in 1900. If you have any more information about Charles' children that might help me make or eliminate the connection I'd appreciate it!